Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Magical" night at the St. Regis hotel

This white on white blossom-covered cake 
was inspired by a bride's gown.

It was very similar to the cake we designed 
for the Today Show's 'Race to the Altar' just a few years ago, 
though this was custom done to the bride's specifications 
and to match her dress and desires..

We were delighted to get this note of appreciation from parents of the bride:

leslie and mark,

thank you so much for the beautiful cake you provided for our daughter's wedding saturday nite at the st. regis hotel; 

not only was it absolutely delicious, it was just just magnificent to look at and... 

matched samantha's bridal gown perfectly! 

thank you again for helping to make our kids' wedding nite so magical!

s and n, parents of the bride

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